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Mindset, Movement, & Motivation Are Everything!

We often hear how we can change our life by simply changing what we think! If so, why is it so hard to change our life to the masterpiece that it was meant to be? It's most likely because our brains are on information overload, stressed out, possibly depressed, and every day is like Groundhog Day! We fail to capture our thoughts long enough to discern as to whether or not our thinking is actually our own or not which means we are most likely in a stressed reactionary mode by default and old habits are hard to break because they are hard-wired in our brains. The ladder of life only goes two ways, up or down! We are either making progress or we're not! We either have goals and plans to achieve them or we don't! We are either learning and growing or we're not! Therefore, it's safe to say that we either have a growth mindset or a very limited fixed mindset! In short, we either believe we can increase our intelligence, our abilities, and personal human qualities which means we believe in effort, accept and attack challenges, cultivate positive energies, resiliency, and work creatively and collaboratively to solve problems while achieving both, individual goals and collective or organizational goals or we believe our intelligence, abilities, and options in life are fixed and limited. 

Based on relevant neuroscience and what we now know about the plasticity of our brains, development of cognitive assets, and neurogenesis, we know that the learning brain changes itself! We become what we think! Dr. John Ratey, professor of clinical psychiatry at Harvard Medical School reminds us that the brain becomes the information that it receives, and that how it perceives such information determines its future state (Ratey, J. 2001). Therefore, work to interrupt negative self-talk and feedback loops! Increase the cognitive load based on reading, research, and experiences related to true personal interests, curiosities, and passions! Evaluate all thinking and information for accuracy! Embrace failure as part of the process and try to think and act a little better each day in order to establish new neural pathways and ways of thinking rooted in optimism and positivity. It will take time and discipline, but it will become easier as you rewire your brain, change your neurobiology, and form new habits! Mastering your mindset is the first step towards living your best life! Do the mental work, set your goals, and just keep moving forward! Remember, a growth mindset is critical to your thinking, work, health, and success! A fixed mindset actually limits our ability to learn and process new information!

Challenge yourself physically by making a commitment to stay in motion via a new daily exercise or walking routine! Again, it's about better thinking, health, and your overall wellbeing! The research is very clear with reference to major benefits with regard to both, physical fitness and health, as well as, mental health. 

Therefore, create a routine that works and don't allow yourself to make excuses and talk yourself out of it! Stay focused and stay consistent! Personally, I love to power walk outside! I also enjoy regular workouts with resistance bands which are portable, highly effective, easy to store, easy to use, and offer full body gym style workouts on the go, in the office, or in the privacy of your own home. Such workouts can provide minimal resistance with high reps or maximum resistance low reps for strength while offering the same or greater muscle stimulus with less chance of injury while eliminating the need for a spotter or workout partner. You might be saying, "But, I need an accountability partner to actually workout!" No, you don't! You need to commit, focus, take action, and join a tribe that challenges you and supports you in order to help you achieve your goals and carve the very best from within! 

If any of this resonates with you, we have a Think Team Hustle® Mindset Challenge for you! Remember, your mindset is the only one that matters! Commit to learning and working on your mindset every day! Commit to daily exercise! We suggest daily power walks and resistance bands! You will be surprised at the transformation that takes place both, physically and mentally! Join our tribe, celebrate your team, and wear your motivation and mindset in order to help you stay focused while you’re working out or at leisure by wearing our trademarked Think Team Hustle® light weight dri-blend tee. We are here for you! Will you accept the challenge? We are better together! We are dedicated to helping to transform ourselves, our teams, organizations, and the world around us! Believe in you and believe in your team! Vibe and tribe with us by accepting the Think Team Hustle® Challenge today! Be the change… LET’S GO!

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Ratey, J. (2001) A User's Guide To The Brain. First Vintage Books Edition. Random House Books, New York.