About Us – Think Team Hustle Brand

About Us

We have created a unique trademarked sports leisure streetwear mindset apparel and accessories brand aligned with other complimentary products that are dedicated to an active lifestyle, individual training, personal fitness and development, teamwork, and empowering others! We are dedicated to inspiring and cultivating and sustaining a resilient positive mindset while educating, inspiring, and helping others to do the same.
We celebrate all those who hustle, train, and compete at every age and level of
competition no matter what the game or pursuit! We believe that there is unique greatness inside of every individual, as well as, a longing to be part of something greater with the opportunity to experience teamwork and organizational excellence!
We challenge ourselves and you to be your very best and we invite you to vibe and tribe with us in an effort to sincerely make the world a better place!
We are committed to charitable donations from each sale going to support heroic efforts by others around the world in three specific domains of service and giving!
First, we are committed to helping provide clean drinking water to men, women, and children in developing nations around the world with partial proceeds from every sale going to one of our favorite organizations in charitywater.org which has already raised over $370 Million for the cause to date.
Secondly, we are committed to alleviating childhood hunger in the United States and around the world with partial proceeds from every sale going to feedthechildren.org which donated 98.9 Million pounds of food and essential items to those in need in 2021 alone.
Thirdly, we are committed to helping build schools, support teachers, increase educational opportunities, water provisions, sanitation, and hygiene initiatives in the developing world in order to help create a better life for children, families, and communities with partial proceeds from every sale going to pencilsofpromise.org which has built 554 schools to date.
We invite you to join our Think Team Hustle family and mission! Tribe, vibe, and hustle with us and become one who makes a difference by joining the Think Team Hustle movement and our community today! Show your spirit and support by purchasing one of our best sellers in our premium signature dri-blend tees in royal blue, charcoal gray, or black featuring our custom multi-layer silkscreened distressed Think Team Hustle® logo and show your pride in helping us to celebrate the ethos of teamwork and organizational excellence in service to others while helping to make a critical difference in their daily lives, the lives of their families, and their communities!